Sadly, Never Forever

by Jerry
(Worcester, MA)

Jupiter(n)-- the largest of the planets and the 5th in distance from the Sun.

What this has to do with naming a cat, I'll never know. However, you redefined it. Whenever someone says Jupiter, I will always think of you.

Couldn't come and get you fast enough when your previous owner's indicated that you needed a home since they couldn't take you to their new place. I felt that getting you was a major score and you never did a thing to change that feeling in the eight years I had you. Always gentle, always content, always soft, always easy to be around and to have around. Of course, you were absolutely beautiful.

The best estimate of your age was that you were probably about sixteen when you passed. Your two previous owners didn't keep records. It was a pretty healthy and happy life for you or, at least that is how it appeared in your years with me.

Ultimately, I just wanted more time to share this solar system, atmosphere and stratosphere with you. It was that much of a pleasure to have you.

So, in this rather strange regard, your name seems to make sense and apply. Not so much more time with the largest planet, but more time with one of the best things God ever created. Sadly, it's never forever.

Only Sweet Dreams and Memories Of You

Comments for Sadly, Never Forever

Thank you all fo NEW
by: Johnson

Thank you all for the kind words. Only people who love animals can understand the grief that we go thru when losing one of our furry friends. I did go out and adopt another kitten. His name is Wall-e. I really didn't adopt him, he actually found me. I didn't really want another cat but I could not turn away from a kitten who so wanted to go home with me.
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by: marissa

I know how you feel. I lost my beautiful Eddy back in February, and I'm still beside myself about it. I like to think that some day, some how, we'll see them again. It hurts so much to lose them, it's never enough time.

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