by DE


June 2,2002 - October 3,2009

You were more than a pet
You were my friend and confident
You knew all of my flaws
And kept them a close secret

You loved me in spite of my
Oh so human ways.

When I found you little did
I know where our journey
Would take us we went
Through a lot together I
Sometimes I cried and I knew
You understood by the way
You would extend your paw.

You were such a sweet spirit
You had heart lots of heart.
And smart you were. left me
Scratching my head how did
She do that?

I miss you so much I will carry you
In my heart always I will always
Cherish our special times together
May your spirit forever run free.
my friend.

I will see you in every sunny day
In every cloud that passes in every

I hope you are some place chasing
Squirrels and butterflies and basking
In the sun.


Comments for SAFEWAY QUEEN HARRIS JUNE 2,2002 - OCTOBER 3, 2009

beestessays NEW
by: Anonymous

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As Time Goes By
by: DE

Well, it's been six months now and as those months passed I realized just how much you really took care of me. I have thought about getting another kitten but then I think of how special you were and I figure I can never replace you, oh I know there so many kittens that need a nice home and you probably wouldn't mind so much if I adopted a new friend; but I just can't right now. Maybe one day I'll find one just like I did you,I wasn't looking you just showed up, I just wish everyday that you could have stayed with me just a little longer. I miss you so.


I'll see you again
by: Elise

I just wanted to comment on Safeway, who came into my life almost 4 years ago when I met her wonderful companion and owner. I had lived over 50 years without the joys and heartaches and nuturing and unconditional love of an animal, and at first I didn't understand the bond the two shared, and just out of a fear I was taught as a child, I wasn't comfortable. But over the months and years, I observed a relationship between the two of them that was so tender and sweet, that i begin to understand how special their relationship was, and I wanted to be part of it. I don't know when or how it happened, but Safeway came to accept me, and I accepted her. Because we saw each other almost every day, we built a relationship and a bond, and she got into my heart, so much so that I never imagined life without her. For the first time in my life, I understood a little about animals. safeway had personality, style, charisma, savey, and a loving heart. She was strong, yet gentle, tolerant, playful and always said hello when I walked into the house. Safeway had a really good life and she was happy. But she was even happier when she was gven the freedon to finally experience all of God's world, she was so happy to see all that God had made with the trees, squirells, blue sky, nature and she loved it all. She ran and played with wild abandondment, and always did it with a kind heart. From us, all she wanted was a simple look, a touch, acknowledgment that she was here. I just want to thank her for what she taught me about unconditional love. She got into my heart and now my heart is broken. Life is not the same without her in it, there is a unimaginable emptiness now, but she is always in my thoughts and prayers and I know she is gliding gently through Gods worlds and we will meet again. Thank you for everything Safeway.

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