by Dawnell Gilbert

Sam with normal size pumpkin

Sam with normal size pumpkin

Wed Jan 07 18:07:10 2009 EST

I got Sam from a woman that owned the animal shelter at the time. After my siamese of 18 years passed, I wanted another siamese and contacted her to see if they had any. About 2 months after my first contact with her she called and wanted to know if I would be interested in a himylayan(male). I was really wanting a female cat, but she told me how loving he was and that he was just laying on her lap.

Well, I went to see him. He was in awful shape. She had him in a tiny carrying case and I doubt that he had been sitting on her lap at all. As soon as I saw his shape, I had no hesitations at all about taking him home. No animal deserved this.

I had to take him to the vet and get him shaved. He weighed almost 11 pounds when we took him, but after the shaving 10 pounds. He was covered with feces and urine, and his fur was like a carpet. It was so matted.

I loved Sam very much, and still miss him to this day. He would sleep under the covers, with his head on the pillow(just like a person) He was very much a mama's boy. He loved to look at the birds out of the windows.

I had to have him put to sleep 5/30/07. I had taken him for the routine shaving that we did for the summer, the vet called and said he was in advancedrenal failure. She did tell me that they could put him in the hospital for about 3 days with IVs but it would not cure him and would cost $500-1000. I did not want him to suffer, If it would have cured him I would have paid any amount.

He was with me for a glorious 10 years. I have no idea how old he actually was but the vet said that he was probably around 15. I gave him the best life that I could but still hurt and miss him dearly.

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