Sasha July 1999- Jan 24, 2012

by Dana

On Jan 24, 2012 I had to put my only fur child Sasha to sleep. That day was the worst day of my life!

Sasha was probably the runt. I met her at SPCA. At that time I was looking for a tuxedo cat but I didn't find any. I was leaving, I passed by her housing where she was play fight with her litter mate but when I passed by she stopped and walked toward me while her litter mate punched her. I did not hesitate and I adopted her.

She was sick with snots coming out of her nose when she sneezed and then she had a broken tail which needed to be amputated because the poop would get on her. She was so small, she fit in my palm. She liked to climb onto my shoulder and sit like a parrot. She was so smart, you just have to show her twice where her bed is, she knows what you want her to do.

She was always healthy until end of last year. She began to have a rash then in beginning of January she was diagnosed with pemphigus. The third week of January she was in the emergency room for 3 days due to breathing fast which they found to be fluid around her lungs.

Sasha was so brave because the emergency room didn't let me take her home until 3rd day which they quoted me for. She stayed strong to have a chance to come home to me one last time. Then her breathing was causing her distress and I took her to the primary vet. She explained that the fluid had built up too quickly and the procedure will stress her out.

I was crying my eyes out already. Sasha didn't seem to want to go but she was gasping for air and suffering, worst of all, I couldn't do anything. I had to let her go to end her suffering.
I loved her so much and I couldn't let her suffer anymore.

I have to remember she picked me to be her protector and I have to protect her well being even if it means she won't be with me anymore. I miss her so much and I know she is in a better place.

Sasha, your ashes will be with me forever! I love you!

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by: Destry

RIP, Sasha

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