Scampi 7 years old died 22nd July 2010

by Wendy Godwin
(Southampton England)

I have only just recently lost my best friend, i had her for four years, we were so attached you couldn't tear us a part. I live in a very quite dead end road, small children play in our road house back on to each other, the street is very very quite. My garden is small with high fences, the gardens are all joined with plenty of trees a lovely place for a cat to go and explore. My beautiful, adorable loveable scampi often went to visit the large bush opposite our house but mainly stayed in the garden or on top of the shed roof. She was such a happy cat always talking and lapped up the attention that my husband and myself enjoyed giving. we had only been home twenty minutes and scampi had been a sleep but was asking to go outside, so after the much loved greeting between the three of us, off she went over the fence and round to the front of the house. I stepped outside to watch the children playing from my doorstep when i saw scampi come round to join me, she stared at me and jumped around her way of asking me to play with her which we both me and scampi loved to do, i made a huge fuss of her as i know how much she laps it up. My husband came outside on the door step i came in and scampi crossed the road to the bush, a car from no where speeded into our tiny close at the speed of 40-50 miles ph, this starteled scampi which made her turn and run, i had come in doors now but my husband was still outside, scampi ran down the other side of the path and saw my husband still on the door step, she stopped looked straight at him as she headed to the one that loved her safe home, the car hit her and my husband saw it all, she died within 2 mins. I miss her so terrible, i dont think i will ever get over losing her she was the most loveable and so beautiful. She was only 7 years old full of life! Forever in our hearts my sweet sweet darling xxxxxxx

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The Loss of a Loved One
by: Pippakin

Scampi! such an appropriate name. I sent a brief message on twitter but I wanted you to know I do understand the pain.

My Bertie was a stray. He turned up at the hotel I managed, late one pitch black night. All I could see through the window were two amber glows in the dark.

I fed him (of course) but I didn't let him in at first. He was so obviously a much loved pet. But days went by. I checked with the local pet shops, the local vets, I even went to the police! No one had reported this handsome fellow missing.

One night there was a nasty storm, and that was it. I could not leave him out in the rain and the thunder, so in he came. He immediately jumped in the sink, and fell asleep! He slept there all night, I had not the heart to move him.

He stayed at the hotel as long as I did. He was much loved there. Guests would sneak him into their rooms, ignoring the minor detail of the note saying: 'Please do not let the cat into your room'.

He was a lovely character and a handsome fellow. I miss him still.

You will recover from your loss, but you will never forget and nor will you want to. Blessings you were lucky to have your friend.

by: Jmuhj

I am so sorry to read of the untimely passing of Scampi at such a young age, and I share your grief. My deepest condolences to you for your loss. It sounds as if your environment was a good one for her and that she lived a full and enjoyable life, with a lot of love. Know you will be reunited with her again, one fine day!

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