She was destined to be a diva - She was Determine - died March 1 2015

by Leza Baker
(Columbia SC)

It started as a normal day but something was a miss - her usual morning greeting went by - no hugs or a kiss
We tempted her with food - even her favorite laser eye - but she just sat their and watched it all go by
We took her to the vet to see what was the matter - Her bladder was full - but she was dehydrated - toxin level through the roof - but no blood in urine - no anemia -so fluid was given and she was taken home
where she cried and moaned and finally died BUT NOT ALONE - all night she laid by my side
We buried her Sunday morning at the family pet cemetary where she is surrounded by her canine brothers who are guarding her day and night
And as my heart is breaking as I write these words through tears
I want to thank her for the past 10 wonderful years
She was named Determine - because she was determined to be loved and she was loved well
I may not ever know what toxin killed my cat -
But either way I want to thank this blog for helping me to grieve - only someone with a pet can truly understand me
And to everyone who has lost a furry companion - you are not alone and you are loved
Determine I will miss you coming to the door to greet me when I came home
Jumping on my bed in the morning after the alarm for your good morning rub down
but most of all I will miss our snuggle time on the coach where you would sleep on my lap and when I would howl like a wolf and you'd coming running to see me
thank you for loving me unconditionally

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