Sick Kitty with Loose Feces

by Ashley
(Rowlett, Texas)


My vet says my cat has an intestinal parasite and we are now on our second medication to try and clear it up. Her symptoms are: increased appetite; loose feces; really bad smelling feces; patchy hair loss on her neck; and her hair has not grown back where the vet shaved her to be fixed.

I am getting pretty worried about her. Her attitude seems fine. Normal cat routine wanting attention and running around the house. Any information you can give me would help so much. Thank you.

Rowlett, Texas


I would like to help you. I need more information. How old is she? How long have you had her? Where did you get her? Has she ever had kittens? Does she go outdoors? Do you have other animals? What does she eat? What is her medical history? (about anything). How/when were parasites discovered? What type of intestinal parasite? What medications have been tried? Has there been any success? If fecal samples were looked at microscopically, was it done in the vet's own office or sent out to a lab? Were fecal samples analyzed more than once?

That and anything else you can tell me will enable me to be more likely to be able to help her. You see, there are many different types of intestinal parasites and some require one kind of medication to kill them and others require a different medication.

I also need to know if the proper diagnostics were performed to arrive at a diagnosis of intestinal parasites. The symptoms you describe can also be caused by conditions other than intestinal parasites. Was a fecal sample looked at in order to provide the diagnosis? If not, it should be. If a fecal sample was submitted and was negative, that simply means your kitty wasn't shedding eggs at the time the sample was produced. That could be because she truly doesn't have parasites or simply that she wasn't shedding eggs at the time. In either case, you may want to have blood work looked at as well to make sure that her symptoms aren't being caused by something other than intestinal parasites.

Thank you for writing and Best wishes,

Dr. Neely

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