Simba -1994-2012

by C Duffy
(Oldham, Manchester)

I was eleven years old and had begged my parents for a cat after the death of Jess. You hid behind the washing machine when we went to choose you, all the three kittens were black, and you were gorgeous. "I want her," I said to my mum. I loved you from that instant.

I thought I'd lost you when you broke your pelvis when you were young, but you puled through and we were so happy. You grew as I grew into an adult. You were my best friend and were with me through thick and thin. You slept beside me and followed me to the shop. Everyone knew you and loved you. As a teenager you were the one I came to to make me feel better, because all it took was a cuddle from you.

Everyone said you had my personality and you did. I remember your small, little white patch, your love of the bathroom for cuddles on the floor and, most of all, your dribbling and purring.

I chose your name from the Lion King and hoped you would be with me forever. You were beautiful and were my guardian angel. I feel lost and empty without you. You will always have a place in my heart.

Your little sister Fluffy misses you. She is lost, and I feel nothing I do to remember you will ever be enough to show you how special you were. I wasn't here when you left us and feel like I let you down. I would give anything to hold you and keep you here.

I cannot tell you how much I love you and always will. No cat will ever be as special as you. You deserved better than the way you died. I want revenge on the dog that killed you, but know that it can never bring you back and it hurts so much.

Mummy loves you, Simba Duffy. You will always be my baby.

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Simba -1994-2012 NEW
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One year
by: C duffy

It's a year today since you left us. We still miss you every day. A piece of me will always be missing. Will lights candle and say a prayer for you. I love you simba, always will xxxx from mummy xxx

by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your Simba,cant believe a dog would hurt a cat, she did not deserve that no cat does. Rest in peace beautiful Simba,

by: Cduffyhulme

Thanks your comment made me feel better that I had shared my memories of Simba.

your beloved cat
by: shelly

I loved your story on your cat. I just got myself 3 little darlings that I take very good care of. I got a rag doll and siamese cat mixed and they are so loving. I wish you could have been there for your loving cat at the end, but I know you took very good care of her and she really loved you. I feel the cats are part of a family. Some don't understand this, but us animal lovers do. You told a very nice story and it was a joy to read. Thank you for sharing in Simba's memory.

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