Sleepy cat after UTI problem and being on Zeniquin

by Rebecca


My cat was on Zeniquin for 10 days for a feline urinary tract infection. After 10 days, the UTI is gone, but I noticed she is sleeping a lot and am unsure if this is normal. I am taking my kitty back to the veterinarian on Saturday, but am wondering if I should be concerned. I know while she was on the medication, she was up a lot so wasn't sure if this was related. I would welcome any feedback...


Dear Rebecca,

I'm glad to hear that your cat's urinary tract infection has cleared up. As long as your kitty is eating, drinking, and urinating and defecating normally, I would recommend just letting your veterinarian know about this reaction when you bring your cat in on Saturday. Antibiotics and urinary tract infections can both contribute to making cats tired, just as they can in people, so as long as you are not seeing any other signs of cat illnesses, your feline should be fine until her appointment. But, this reaction is certainly worth mentioning to your vet.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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