Sleepypod Cat Carrier

I’ll never forget the first time I saw a Sleepypod cat carrier. A client brought her elderly Bengal in for an exam and she was carrying a red, pod-like carrier unlike any I had ever seen before. For those who don’t know, Bengals tend to be very vocal and high-energy. Prior to his owner investing in a this wonderful carrier, you could hear Schuyler coming long before he reached the door of my hospital.

This time, however, was different. He was quiet, calm, and very content to be resting in his new and very cool-looking carrier. When his mommy unzipped the top, he popped his head out in the most adorable little Jack-in-the-Box style motion.

I immediately decided that I needed to have a Sleepypod of my own, and that was purely from an aesthetic viewpoint. This was absolutely the most adorable looking carrier I had ever seen. Little did I know, at that time, that this cat carrier had so many wonderful features. After doing some research and actively making contact with the company, I became aware of all of the amazing features of this versatile cat carrier ...and there are many!

To begin with, the Sleepypod is actually a 3-in-1 product. It is a cat carrier, a cat bed, and a cat car seat all rolled into one. I quickly learned that, not only is it one of the most aesthetically appealing cat carriers on the market, it is also one of the most comfortable cat beds and one of the safest cat transport methods.

A Cat Bed in Disguise


As a bed, the design of the Sleepypod itself comes into play. The mesh dome top of the carrier can be completely removed, leaving you with a round carrier bottom lined with an ultra-soft plush bed liner (which unzips from the sides for machine-washing).

Why do I love this aspect of the carrier? Several reasons:

(1) the circular shape of the base allows cats to curl up in their preferred position for sleeping,

(2) the liner is very attractive to cats due to the extreme softness of the ultra plush fur-like polyester,

(3) being able to unzip the liner and machine wash it has its obvious advantages, and

(4) you can purchase replacement liners, although, in the years that I have had my Sleepypod, I have never had to do that.

Cats can curl up on this soft bed with rigid sides for the ultimate in a sense of security and comfort.

As a cat owner, I can honestly say that I have purchased many beds for my cats over the years and they have never used a single one. They instead slept on the beds reserved for humans, the sofa, chairs, and under various pieces of furniture. This is the first cat bed that my cats not only use, but actually fight over.

At any given moment, you can find six cats in my house waiting around for their turn to sleep in the plush carrier/bed. As if that isn’t testimony enough about its comfort, my carrier is currently in the middle of the most highly trafficked area of my house, and yet even the most nervous of my cats will stay there for hours.

Cat Carrier


Turning this plush bed into a cat carrier is incredibly easy. The dome top just sits back on the base and zips on. But why does this matter so much? As a veterinarian, I can’t begin to count the number of times cat owners have called at the last minute to cancel their appointments for one of two reasons:

(1) either they can’t find the cat because their cat hid as soon as they brought out the cat carrier, or

(2) they can’t get the cat into the carrier. The stress on the cat AND the owner under these circumstances is tremendous.

This wonderful, versatile carrier solves the problem. Since the cat is already using it as a bed in your home, they are not afraid of it. Quite the opposite. They find it very comforting and familiar. Also, if your cat is anything like my own, he is already in this comfortable carrier/bed sleeping when it’s time to leave the house. Within seconds, you can simply zip the dome top on and have a secure, comfortable way to transport your kitty to the vet.

Even if your kitty is not in the carrier when it’s time to travel, he’s not hiding because you brought out an unfamiliar, scary carrier. Also, placing a cat in the Sleepypod is quite easy. It’s a quick one-two action to put your cat in the bed and place the dome lid on top.

This cozy cat carrier is such a welcome change from hard, heavy, plastic carriers or the cloth ones that are soft, but collapse on the cat. The Sleepypod holds it shape, is lightweight, easy to carry, and comfortable for the both the owner and the cat. A convenient padded carrying handle on the top of the mesh dome lid, as well as a padded shoulder strap, give two comfortable alternatives for carrying it..

Traveling Safely

It’s not easy to say which feature of the Sleepypod is my favorite, but certainly the safety aspect is among the top. As a veterinarian and a cat owner, the safety of my cats and my clients’ cats has always been a concern and top priority. I have seen cats escape from their carriers through broken plastic doors, by chewing through cardboard or fabric openings, due to bottoms falling out of carriers, plastic snaps breaking, and more.

This doesn’t happen with this amazing carrier. Even though there are two easy ways to open and close the it, one by unzipping the dome where it connects to the base and the other by unzipping an opening in the top of the dome, your cat still cannot escape from the carrier.

The sides are rigid and have a luggage-grade nylon outer covering. Your kitty can’t chew through the Sleepypod and there are no plastic snaps or flimsy doors to break. Also, the carrier holds its shape. If you accidentally bump into something, your cat won’t be directly bumped as he would be in a cloth carrier or thrown against the hard plastic sides of a plastic carrier.

Equally impressive are the safety features when it doubles as a car seat. You can secure the Sleepypod on the back seat of your car by placing the lap strap of your seat belt across the bottom and the shoulder strap through the Velcro carrying handle. If you ever have to suddenly brake, you can rest assured that your kitty will stay safely in the seat, buckled into place. In fact, this caring company actually crash-tested their cat carrier as a car seat for cats, and these tests have proven that the pod is the safest way to bring your cat to the vet.

Sleepypod and Your Cat

In addition to all of these great, human-pleasing safety features, I can also attest to how safe your cat will feel inside the cozy, soft carrier. Recently, I had to take my own diabetic cat to my hospital for a toe amputation. During transport, my cat was so comfortable. It was clear he felt protected in his little well-ventilated cave-like pod, but he could still see me and I could unzip a small opening to put my fingers through so he could rub against them and feel comforted by me.

For my clients with geriatric cats, I highly recommend a Sleepypod, especially with the optional electric warming pad that fits snugly under the bed liner and plugs into a car adapter. For a cat that is ill or thin and loses body temperature easily, such warmth is not only necessary, but also comforting, just as it is for any cat on a cold winter day.

Sleepypod carriers come in 7 colors to match your mood or décor, including silver, white, arctic blue, red, pink, brown, and black. They are easy to clean, easy to use, easy to carry, and easy to love! And, as the company says on their website: “The Sleepypod is more than a pet bed, more than a carrier or car seat: it's a lifestyle. It's your pet's personal space, designed to fit his/her individual needs.”

My cats adore their Sleepypod, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the convenience, comfort, and safety it provides for both me and my favorite felines. I wouldn’t change anything about this exceptional cat carrier ...except, of course, having 5 more of them, one for each of my cats!

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