Smokey and the Demonic Kitty

by Robert D. Puls
(Salem, OR, Marion county)

Tiny the

Tiny the

I can appreciate the livelihood of a cat that wants to be free chasing birds or squirrels, climbing trees, and just roam the hoods, but one does begin to wonder, what kinds of parasites and diseases do they bring home? We began with two cats with a huge flea infestation by the time I moved in. The gal I moved in with is disabled and is unable to care for her cats properly, so I took it upon myself to wage war against these parasites, and so it took all summer long to finally get them under control.

Well one day Smokey, a female smokey grey outdoor cat, came to us carrying babies, and felt safe enough with us and our cats. She had her kittens and we began looking for her owner, whom we discovered only moved to a different apartment in our same complex. We also discovered that they have a pitbull, and with my previous experience with pitbulls, they are very hyperactive dogs, almost to the point of stupidity. This explains why Smokey ran away and came to us for help, fearing for her babies lives. We researched and gave advice to the owner and offered for Smokey and her kittens to stay with us until they are old enough to be given away. She adamantly declined and insisted to have her cat back within the week. Long and painful story short, all the kittens died, her claiming they were all runts. Me and my girlfriend knew better.

After awhile she ran away again and came to us with a new batch of kittens. Luckily the owner was moving to a place where cats are not allowed, and we offered sanctuary for Smokey and her babies once again, promising to find good homes for all of them, and she finally agreed. So we found homes for all the kittens but one, Pumpkin. I decided to keep that one. We are still looking for a good home for Smokey who turned from being a fearful skittish outdoor cat into a warm cuddly furball indoor cat, and needless to say, she's happier, and thankful!

And then there's Tiny, another indoor cat not meant to be outdoors. She a little white cat with two little grey patches on her forehead that looks exactly like horns, thus the "demonic kitty". She was so tiny and starving and scared, we had to take her in and help her any way we can. Once done, we were going to find her a home. She did not know how to play, or hunt or associate with other cats, assuming she was beaten up one too many times, but thankfully all of our cats were very patient with her. Unfortunately she brought guests, and you guessed it, fleas. It wasn't just a family of them, nor an army. It was an entire civilization, in which infested the whole house once again. I am currently in the middle of world war II with them, trying to desperately save Tiny's life. That poor thing isn't meant to be outside, while Smokey did fairly well, but both seems so much happier indoor where it's safe, clean, and disease free. Once the flea infestation is under control, it will be a perfect safe haven, all because we care enough about these animals to try to make a difference. All it takes is a little responsibility and a lot of love to keep these kitties indoors. Oh, and a lot of flea shampoo, flea drops, flea spray, deworming,........ (damn fleas...)

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Oct 01, 2015
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