Smokey Joe - 11/01/03 - 04/06/09

by Kirin Kat
(Euless, TX USA)

Smokey Joe-my beloved feline companion and best friend

Smokey Joe-my beloved feline companion and best friend

You and I were a match, a team, a feline companion and friend. You amazed me with your talents, riding my shoulders, perched like a panther in reckless solitude. So confident, so proud! The short five years we were together, just you and I, will never be forgotten. You're in my heart, where memories flourish. The void of losing you will never be fulfilled. Smokey Joe, you were my silken blue furred ?Kit-teh?, my ?Baby Boy? the Strength of Light which shown down on me. Thank you for being a 'season' of warmth, beauty, wisdom and understanding. The affection and tenderness you've shown me has uplifted my world in times of hardship, sickness, and pain. You were there to calm my fears, purr through the years, and show me the way. I learned so much from you. Forever will you be in my heart, my beloved One.

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Smokey joe
by: Jennifer

Smokey joe was a very handsome boy I always told my cat peanut he was my handsome boy I can tell you love him very much he was very lucky to have you as you were very lucky to have his love I lost my peanut in July an I wonder does it ever get better it does not seem so to me at this time I miss peanut so much as I know you do smokey Joe I hope that we all get to see are babies again on day I tell peanut every day that he better be there to meet me when my time is done here an I sure smokey will be waiting on you I wish you peace an love

My Dearest Smokey Joe
by: Kirin Kat

It's been over a yr and a half now since u left me to go to Rainbow Bridge! I still miss u, and cry so much for you. I have gotten a new kitty now, I know you see him, His name is Milo! And he is so cute! But he is not you, my precious. I will always remember you, my feline companion. Thank you for coming to me in dreams and visions. Your memory will always be kept alive in my mind.

Merry Christmas at the Bridge. I know you are happily dancing and singing with all your Angel Furiends from Catster. Mommy loves you so much!

Thank you...
by: Char F

so much for your kind words about our beloved Miles. Even though it hurts so bad right now, I do imagine him up in kitty heaven playing with all of our lost friends. Thank you for understanding our pain, and know that we feel for you and your loss of Smokey Joe.

Smokey Joe
by: Betsy and Bela

We are so sorry for your loss! What a beautiful memorial.

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