Smokey Joe 2 years old. Died 2/9/11 10:00am

by Bill
(Dearborn, MI, USA)

Poor "Smokey Joey" as I called him. He was a best friend and companion. He became part of me in the short time I had him. He walked with me through the house as if he knew exactly what I was doing and made sure to be with me. He loved the water. From the time he was a kitten he always came in the bathroom and stood on the ledge of the bathtub in between the shower curtains and watched me take a shower. He would come running from anywhere in the house when he heard that water turned on just to be there with me. I don't know what killed him. Whatever it was it came on quick and before I knew it he was gone. All I know is the last time I saw him well, he was running through the living room on Sunday night with his brother Bandit. They always play-fought. One would jump on the other and then the chase began. They both ran down the stairs in the basement after each other. I heard a thud and a yelp but didn't think anything of it because they play-fought all the time and this wasn't that unusual. I saw Bandit come back up the stairs but Smokey didn't. I was a little concerned but thought maybe he was just done playing. That night I went in the basement to look for him and he laid there, very still. I thought maybe he wasn't feeling good. The next day he was in a different spot and he looked terrified. I brought him upstairs and laid him on the couch and he wouldn't lift his head and was motionless. I got really concerned. When I went to the bathroom he found his way off the couch and went in the basement. I thought well at least he can still get around, maybe hell be ok. The next day I found him in the basement looking very bad and shaking. I called the emergency vet and they said he probably had a urinary obstruction and it would cost $800-$1200 to help him and this wouldn't be the end of the treatment and if I couldn't afford it I should put him to sleep. I thought maybe his neck was broke if it wasn't what they said and I decided to put him to sleep after the shelter opened @ 11:00am, but poor Smokey died @ 10:00am. I watched him take his last breath. He was one of the best pets I've ever had.

Comments for Smokey Joe 2 years old. Died 2/9/11 10:00am

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How can this be?
by: Anonymous

Know EXACTLY how you feel... you always think you could have done more... you panic and don't know WHAT to do... and then you can't believe it afterwards... you ask "where did he go?"... it's a constant remember of how fragile life is.

So Sad
by: Marissa

I'm so sorry for your loss of Smokey Joe, and still a young cat. I just lost one of my cats, and he was only 6 or 7 maybe. He's been missing for a bit over a month, and I just found out last night that he died on a neighbor's porch the day after he disappeared. I'm miserable, heartbroken, and distraught, and don't know if I'll ever bet over it. I know how you feel. Losing a pet to old age is bad enough, but when they're still young and you're not even sure exactly what happened, it's even worse.

Losing Smokey Joe
by: JoAnne

It is NEVER easy to make "that" decision. Although the choice was taken out of your hands this time. I have lost three beloved cats this past year. One from general old age, and two so young and so unexpected. I still miss them so much. The two are buried by my big fountain and bench in the front yard and I often go there and talk to them. I don't think I will ever get over losing them.

I'm sorry about your loss
by: Carol

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss of Smokey Joe. I'm sure he was a great pet and he loved yhou very much.I still miss my Ernie and he's been gone over a year. I take some comfort in knowing that Ernie is playing at the Rainbow Bridge happily waiting for me, I know Smokey Joe is there waiting for you too.

Your Smokey Joe
by: Kirin Kat

I am so sorry to hear about your Smokey Joe! I had a Smokey Joe also, who is on this site with his picture. He was my best furiend too, and was so wise! I have another kitty now, but it still burns in my memories and I miss him every day. My Smokey Joe was only 5 when FIV pulled him down, shut down his organs and I also had to make that most difficult of mommy's decision. It will take time, they will tell you, but time doesn't really ever heal a stolen heart. I know they were both greatly loved in their time here on Earth with their most loving humans. Be well and take care.

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