Snobby and Moody Cat

by Allison
(Valenzuela, Manila, Philippines)

I have a cat named Pepper that is a black Persian. I got her when she was 2 months old, and now she's already 1 year old. I don't know why she is so snobby and moody that every time I am trying to pet her, she runs away. I never mistreated her, and I give her all she needed. I mean, I love cats, so why should she turn that way? Sometimes, I don't know, she will be the sweetest cat you'll ever see. When that sometimes comes, she will voluntarily come to you to pet her until you get tired of petting her.

Why is this happening? Do you think she is the only one like this?

Dear Allison,

I’m not sure from your letter whether she has been this way the entire time you have had her or if this is a sudden behavior change in your cat. If this cat behavior has been a recent change, your kitty should be examined by a veterinarian to be sure that there is no underlying medical problem causing her behavior.

If your cat has been this way since you adopted her, however, it is likely part of her personality or a response to stress in your household. I recommend that you think about any changes, even small ones, or other things that may be causing your cat stress. Often, though, the best way to treat cats is to let them be who they are… When she comes to you, continue to respond to her with whatever she needs. However, when she is being aloof, it is best to just let her be and not try to force it.

You can encourage the more desirable behaviors you seek from your kitty by giving her enticing treats, catnip, and toys. You can also use pheromone products like diffusers and sprays by Feliway to help reduce your cat’s stress.

To answer your second question, though, your cat is certainly not the only one that behaves in the way you describe. I have had a lot experience with cats that are frightened, including one of my own, as have many of our readers. Please see the questions and answers from other readers for even more tips and advice.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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