Sport 1993-2010

by Meredith

Sport passed away yesterday. I had to put him down unexpectedly. I am devastated.

He slept on "his" pillow with me every night, only getting up to accompany me on the occasional trip to the bathroom. He talked to me non-stop. We had lengthy conversations every day.

His favorite place was where ever I was...on the couch, at the computer, in the bathroom...he was constantly with me.

He loved ice cubes and would come running whenever he heard me getting ice out. He was always waiting for me at the back door whenever he heard the garage door opening.

Sport was totally laid back. Nothing bothered him. He had the most unique personality of any cat I've owned.

I have a huge hole in my heart and in my life. The house is strangely quiet and I feel a deep sense of loss and loneliness.

I love you Sport. I will always miss our talks. I will always miss our snuggles. I will always miss you.

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Sport NEW
by: Jason D. Helmer

It is heart breaking when you lose a pet. I had my dog Johnny boy for years and he fell ill suddenly. I found out from best research paper online that the disease was fatal and there is nothing I could do about it. After many days of intense treatment, there was no use and Johnny died with a lot of pain. I still could feel the pain he felt and sometimes I feel the pain has transferred into me.

by: Clark07

Sport is so lucky to have an owner like you. I really understand how you feel, that's what I feel also when I lost my cat. Hope you can find another cat like Sport.

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by: Anonymous

I know your pain, it was a year ago on the 3rd that I lost m beloved cat Safeway we too had a special bond and I still cry a year later.I hope peace for your acheing heart but it may take a minute I also hope it for me too because I'am still hurting.

by: Niki

*hugs so very tight* I am so sorry for your loss. I just lost my kitty on Sept 22nd. I had only had her a year. I feel your pain. All my love.

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