Staggering gait of cat

by Jill
(Oshkosh WI)

Worried about our 5 month old kitten. He was doing fine until about 2 weeks ago. He started having difficulty getting up and walking. His gait is very wobbly with frequent falling. After vet appointment he seems worse. He is now incontinent of bowel and bladder. He appears to be in no pain.

Vet did x-rays which revealed a full bladder and full of stool but no fractures or other abnormalties. They drained his bladder and gave enemas. They also gave a steroid shot and oral steroids for us to give.

We have also been giving metamucil. He, as I said, is getting worse. He now is also lethargic, doesn't want to eat or drink.
Any ideas I would really appreciate it.

PLEASE, Jill, go straight to the veterinarian and go to a different one than you went to before. Your kitten's life is at stake.

Dr. Neely

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