Sticky Smokey Kitty

by Renee Bush
(Houston, Tx)

Smokey acquired us as his family last June 2010, when he was a stray and approx 8 mos old. Found out after feeding him as a stray for many months, that he was a friendly, lovable kitty. So, he was named and neutered.

From the start of his being in the family, he has always and still does, had a very bad odor. He always smells like a dead bird, or dead animal.

The vet that neutered Smokey smelled him, did an examination, and could come up with no explanation for the smell. Even keeping him indoors for several days after the neuter, did nothing to deter the odor.

Some days it is so strong he cannot come indoors, other days it may be faint, but still there. Any ideas??? There are no signs of illness, bowel or urination issues, never a personality change.

It sounds like he is healthy - if the smell was coming from an infection or something wrong with his health, he wouldn't be doing this well so long.

My thoughts are:

- Have you given him a bath to see if that solves the problem?

- I assume you know the smell of skunk on an animal. That can stick around for a very long time!

- Did the vet check his anal sacs? That is one of the worst smells known to man. They should be checked carefully. That is something that could be strong one day and weaker the next.

- Can you do a little detective work and watch to see where he spends his time outdoors, where he lies down, etc. to see if he is lying on something smelly?

If I had to guess just one of those things, I would pick an anal sac problem.

Good luck,
Happy Holidays,
Dr. Neely

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