Sudden Behavior Change In Cat

by Marilyn
(Washington, DC)

Our baby, Alice

Our baby, Alice

Hi Doctor,

We have a 1 1/2 year old cat, Alice. She loves to chase toy mice, jump up in bed with us to wake us up in the morning, and tear around our house like she's on safari. She's very active and sweet.
All of a sudden over the past couple of days, she's been acting strange. She tiptoes (only way I can describe it) around our place sniffing and looking all around. My husband says it looks like she's walking on eggshells. She won't jump up on the bed. When we throw her toy mice, she'll walk over and lay next to it, instead of running and playing with it. She seems sort of lethargic and she's barely purring (she usually purrs loudly and often).
We're concerned and are wondering if we should have a vet look at her, or if it may just be a strange phase. Any thoughts? Any advice would be great.
Thank you! Marilyn

Hi, Marilyn,

If it's still going on, I would take her to the vet. The way she's walking and the sniffing around sounds like a cat who has been frightened or has discovered something new (new cat outside the window or mouse in the house or ......). However, when you say she's a bit lethargic, not purring as much, and not playing with the toy, it concerns me more. I think she should have a check-up.

Thank you for writing and thank you for the great picture!.

Dr. Neely

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