Sweep the Cat Out From Time to Time

by Alden Morris
(Lakewood, WA, United States)

Spooks the Terrorizer

Spooks the Terrorizer

Having been a proud parent of both outdoor and indoor cats my entire life, I firmly believe that outdoor cats live much happier, healthier, and lovable lives. Naturally any indoor cat trapped inside all of its life will grow curious to what adventures lie behind the door leading outside. However, too many owners go by that age old saying ‘curiosity killed the cat.’ What they don’t seem to remember is that cats are very wise and intelligent creatures and apparently ‘have nine lives.

Cats that are allowed by their owners to venture outside do live happier lives. Outside a cat is allowed to chase and hunt smaller prey such as bugs and have the opportunity to play with other cats and dogs. Just because cats lounge around the majority of the day does not mean that they do not like to go outside and get riled up from time to time. The outdoors create an environment for cats to be able to exercise and burn off any extra fat that may be gathering from those cat foods that are so high in protein and carbohydrates. Allowing your cat to play outside is like helping fight obesity for cats.

A cat that can go play outside and then come home as they please in my opinion is a much happier cat. Releasing steam from playing outside and exhausting themselves to the point of sleep means that when a cat finally comes home at their end of the day, they’ll be much more open to lounging with their owner and cuddling.

Cats have an opportunity to literally be cats when they are outdoors. Just like larger felines that live in the wild, like tigers and lions, a household cat too can share in the excitement of stalking their prey and sun bathing on those beautiful sunny days. In the winter, it is always a fruitful feeling to see little tiny kitty paw prints tracked in the snow all over the yard and street. You can see the remnants of their fun-filled adventure that they probably previously just had.

Not to mention it is always so adorable to see a cat sleeping on the hood of the car because of the heat that the once running engine is still producing. Cat owners should be happier and more pleased with owning an outdoor cat as well because it means having to change the litter box less frequently. Cats do use the bathroom outside and unlike dogs they bury their feces meaning you’ll most likely never step in it.

An outdoor cat can still live a safe life to that of an indoor cat as well. With the proper vaccinations, owners never have to worry about their cat contracting a disease or illness. As for other cats or larger predators that may harm cats, always be confident in the local area that the cat may frolic in. It is the owner’s job as a parent to be aware of the surroundings that involve a family member. A cat will always return home because again cats are an intelligent species and they will always come home to their kitty toys and food.

Comments for Sweep the Cat Out From Time to Time

Mar 29, 2015
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by: jilia

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Oct 20, 2011
Thank You
by: Alden Morris AUTHOR

Thank you for the last comment it was actually very sincere. As for the other comments I guess the only response I have to 'not doing my research' and 'ignoring all the other possibilities' is that I must be a very good animal owner. I say this because I have had both indoor and outdoor cats my entire life including my very first cat Sunny. I found her abused when I was only 5 years old and she has just recently passed away. I am now 22. Not a single one of my cats has ever been 'kidnapped' or 'murdered' nor have they accidentally found their way somewhere where they shouldn't have been. I guess either I'm an excellent owner OR my cats are just naturally smarter than other peoples. Hence the saying "animals take after their owners." I'm sorry for those who have lost their cats tragically.

Oct 19, 2011
Quality of life
by: Anonymous

Wow, lots of judgemental pet owners out there. I guess it is like raising children or treating employees, everyone has a different theory.

I think it depends on the circumstances. My current cat was feral when he adopted me, and I leave it up to him what he wants to do. Sometimes he wants to sleep on my belly, other times he likes to play outside. My vet thinks he is about 12 years old and in excellent health, touch wood. I have had indoor and outdoor cats and some had all the luck, some less, but they seemed to enjoy their lives.

Sep 12, 2011
by: Campbell

After reading the article and then responses to some of the comments, I have decided this is some sort of scheme to obtain a large number of hits and therefore appear to be popular. As some of us know, the more hits and more comments, the more "successful," so why not write a ridiculous article about how sweet it is to see kitty paw prints in the snow and seeing a kitty warm itself on a car hood? Oh dear! I know one kitty that would have looked just darling to this author while riding inside the engine compartment for over 30 miles on the interstate. It was, of course, a miracle, the kitten lived. And, that car left a "high socioeconomic" area. Imagine! They even allowed children to play in that commuity!
This author is going for numbers. I write this comment only to point this out, and regret that I am adding to those numbers. Any person with very common sense knows that predators are everywhere, indoor cats live longer, nice kitty poo-poo you dont step in winds up in people's flower gardens and ticks them off (hence the use of poison, etc). I could go on, but can not see the need to waste any more of my time. My only hope is that Ask The Cat Doctor doesnt go by the number of hits, but rather from content.

Sep 12, 2011
by: Jenny

I couldn't agree more Melanie. I live in a rural area of Wisconsin and the wildlife are just as dangerous to cats as any human predator. Not to mention, I sadly live in a state which is trying to pass such legislation as to allow feral cats to be killed like other wildlife. Absolutely disgusting. And yes, domestic cats that are roaming would end up falling prey to this type of legislation. Thankfully it has not passed the couple of times it has been presented.

Sep 12, 2011
I Agree With Jenny
by: Melanie Neer

I agree with you Jenny. Don't know why the original author thinks that such tragedies only occur in low income or high crime areas. I find that insulting.

The examples I cited of how letting cats outdoors, has NOTHING to do with such areas, but in nice, quiet, All-American type suburban areas. I know many on-line friends who live in wonderful areas all across the country, and they keep their pets indoors due to possible attacks by coyotes, bears, wolves, etc. There's also another danger especially in areas where hunting is allowed, that is people who set up steel traps to capture animals--they have also been numerous accounts of cats being killed by hunters who use bow and arrows.

In many states, there are bills in the process of being passed to change the status of feral cats as "wildlife", thus allowing them to be killed...and I'm just betting pet cats allowed to roam outdoors will be mistaken as feral--if you don't believe me...just google "Images of cats caught in steel traps" or "Images of cats hit with arrow"--there are numerous articles about this as well

Sep 12, 2011
Still disagree
by: Jenny

You didn't bother addressing most of what I said, so I see that you just choose to live how you live, which is fine. And if your excuse is that cats are only killed in low income areas, you're living in a fantasy land and need to wake up and pay attention. I listed a lot of different reasons why a cat should not go outdoors, but you chose just to focus on the ONE fact I listed regarding lunatics that may harm an animal.

What about vehicles? What about how cute you think it is for them to lay on a warm car in the winter? Have you seriously NEVER heard of a cat crawling up in an engine without the owner of that car knowing? What about other animals that may prey on cats? I live in a rural area of Wisconsin and there are all kinds of animals that would love to prey on cats...they're part of the food chain, unfortunately. I don't blame those wild animals, they're simply surviving. Instead, I choose to keep my two cats safe and happy, inside.

The low income statement was truly an ignorant statement which proves you have done zero research on the safety of outdoor cats...or lack of safety, I should say.

I'm done debating this with someone that is not honestly looking to have an intelligent debate.

Sep 12, 2011
Outdoor Cats and Safety
by: Alden Morris

It seems that the only logical arguement someone with the opionion that cats should stay indoor has against outdoor cats is their physical safety. Once again, please keep in mind that not every neighborhood in the world may be as dangerous as the one you people are apparently live in. Some of us do indeed happen to live in nicer areas with low crime rates and a little more freedom to do as we please with our animals. It is completely understandable not to allow an animal ouside because of fear of any possible threats, but then again why do you live in these areas if it so unsafe for cats? Are your children safe? Or are you safe? There are still places left in the world where cats can be cats, and remember; both cats and dogs were once wild creatures before we domesiticated them. I'v seen many 'indoor' cats try to make a break for it outside as well as live shorter lives because of obesity and lack of exercise. So the only arguement here is their safety, but then again, that IS the owners responsibility.

Sep 12, 2011
addendum to my comment below
by: Melanie Neer

About the over-population issue with cats allowed to breed
Just got the "kill" list of cats to be killed off for my high kill shelter near me...It's a list of 38 cats that will die tomorrow --I've seen as many as 85 listed for one day!

Sep 12, 2011
Still Disagree With Cats Being Outdoors
by: Melanie Neer

This is mainly directed at AshleyAnne
It's not just a simple matter that if an outdoor cat gets hurt one can go to a vet...a vet can't help a cat run over and killed by a car, a vet can't help a cat poisoned by some malicious person, a vet can't help a cat killed or mutilated by some "sicko" that takes delight in harming cats...Like don't you ever read the news on the internet about such issues?

Maybe due to my being a major cross-poster and rescuer for urgent cats needing to be saved from high kill shelters over at Facebook, I see these stories on a daily basis. I see stories of how many cats are stolen to be used as bait for dog fights or stolen so the person can sell the cat to labs where they are experimented on.

As for your statement about your female cat being "bitchy" before letting her outdoors--I take it then your cat isn't fixed?? wonderful, by not getting your cat fixed, you're contributing to the overpopulation of pets and why so many wind up in kill shelters...one high kill shelter that is in my area, kills off a minimum of a hundred cats each and every week, all due to people allowing their cats to breed--oh and as far as kill shelters. Some kill shelters still use gas chambers to smother pets to death..a process that takes up to a half hour

Sep 12, 2011
animal freak
by: AshleyAnne

I agree with u Alden cats do live happier lives being indoor/outdoor cats. And if they do get hurt then that's what a "vet" is for. Just like if u home school a kid. As to a kid going to public school. Either way they could get hurt or stolen. But that's what a doctor is for.... And from personal experience, spoons was an irritable cat till we started letting her outside to burn off energy her own way and getting to practice what come naturally to animals, even domesticated ones.
Which is their wild side.

Sep 12, 2011
I disagree!
by: Jenny

I will have to respectfully disagree with most of what you submitted. First of all, your statement ??I firmly believe that outdoor cats live much happier, healthier and lovable lives? has been proven wrong by the simple fact that indoor cats live longer. Not to mention the fact that there are plenty of things that you can purchase or build to keep your cat?s happy and entertained. Cats do not have to hunt live prey to be happy. There are plenty of fun items that can satisfy their prey drive while inside. My cats are perfectly happy to cuddle with me when I get home because they have plenty of toys to keep them entertained and I?m so lazy that I don?t want to play with them when I get home.

So you find it adorable to see a cat sleeping on the hood of a car in the winter that is still warm? I live in an area where it?s winter for nearly 6 months and I?ve never witnessed that. I have however known of many cats that instead went up into an engine to get warm and/or be safe from predators and then died when the car was started without the person knowing a cat was in there. That?s not so cute. And yes, I suppose it?s convenient to have your cat eliminate outside, but again, I love my cats and I?m not too lazy to change a litter box. I knew that I would be taking care of all of their needs when I got them and I?m not going to toss them outside because of my own laziness.

And your statement about cats being able to play with other cats and dogs?seriously? Life is not a cartoon, they are not frolicking in the meadows with each other. Cats will fight each other over territory and dogs many times look at cats as prey, not as friends to frolic and play with. Not to mention the dangers of vehicles and like the other person replied about mean people that will hurt your animals. There are evil people out there that will put out poisons such as antifreeze in order to kill stray or roaming cats because they don?t want the cats using their garden or flower beds as litter boxes. That annoys a LOT of people. I worked as the chairman of my local animal control committee for a few years, so please trust me when I say there are evil people in this world that would kill a cat over a freaking flower bed.

To each his own though. It?s your choice to risk allowing your cats outdoors. I hope you never have to wonder where your cat is or why he didn?t come home. And I hope you never get that dreadful call that someone or some vehicle has harmed your pet. Personally, I will never risk my beautiful cats? lives because of some kind of laziness over litter boxes or playing. But again, to each his own, I guess.

Sep 12, 2011
by: Alden Morris

"As for other cats or larger predators that may harm cats, always be confident in the local area that the cat may frolic in. It is the owner?s job as a parent to be aware of the surroundings that involve a family member."

Please be open minded of what I have included in the essay.

Alden Morris

Sep 10, 2011
Sorry but have to disagree
by: Anonymous

I wrote my own essay about this very matter and my opinion is the opposite of yours. I've heard too many tragedies of what can happen to an outdoor cat, from running away and never being found, being stolen, hit by a car, and worse, purposely killed (I relate a true story of an on-line friend in which this happened)
I've had cats nearly all my life and they've always been indoor cats. They've been content, happy, and playful

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