Symptoms of Mold Exposure in Cats

Hi there. I noticed I may have a mold infestation in my apartment today when I picked out a piece of hard something which resembled mold from my window ledge. My cat has been acting out of character the past couple of days, laying around more than usual. He is usually very hyper, and for the past couple of days, he was laying on kitchen chair hanging his chin over the edge just staring at the floor. He also lays on the floor just staring straight ahead not blinking or moving.

My cat is in almost a lethargic state, which I found out is one of the symptoms of exposure to mold for cats. He sits in the windows for most of the day and, about a week ago, I saw him licking the window. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but now I am positive there is a mold problem.

My cat’s eyes seem more red than usual, and he threw up today (a very large pile) and he made absolutely no sound when it came up. I looked at him, looked away, looked back, and the cat vomit was there. Also, when I changed my cat’s litter box today, I noticed that there was only one little poop and the rest was just urine and the litter hasn’t been changed since Saturday night.

I have scrubbed the visible suspected mold patches off the windows which is all I can do until someone comes to address the problem. My landlords have been ignoring my calls, so I have to wait until the morning with hopes the rental man will come and have someone confirm my suspicions.

I am calling the vet first thing in the morning to ask what my best option is, but I have absolutely no cash to pay for anything. I'm hoping I'm just over reacting, but I read up on cats and mold exposure, and I have been just sick ever since.

I have attached a picture of him from when I first got my precious cat. I took him in off the street after I found him in my back yard crying and he followed me in.

I just wonder if these symptoms could be anything else?


Lethargy is one of the signs of almost every cat illness there is, and my recommendation would be to call your veterinarian for advice. In this particular case, the lethargy you are witnessing in your cat could point to mold, but it could point to a number of other feline illnesses.

Finding less stool in the cat litter box than you usually would find could be a sign that your cat has constipation. Feline constipation is a problem for many cats, and may also be the cause of the lethargy you are seeing.

On the other hand, the lack of stool could be due to not eating well. But again, decreased appetite and lethargy are symptoms of just about every cat illness that can occur.

Your cat should be seen by a veterinarian for a thorough exam. Lethargy in cats can be a sign of serious cat illness problems, and the sooner it is addressed, the better likelihood of a full recovery. The bill for veterinary care also tends to be lower when problems are caught early. We rarely save money when we delay action.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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