The Blizzard 2/18/10 - 9/15/2010, Loyal Friend gone too soon

by Matt
(Harrisburg, PA, USA)

I guess the only way I can try to get any of what I'm feeling out, is to write it out, to explain to those that didn't know.

I'm stuck 100 miles away for work in a hotel room by myself with nobody to talk to or any shoulder to cry on. I will try to describe what I feel and while it may seem silly to some of you to talk about a deceased animal on the internet as if they could read it, its still something I'd like to share.

For the people that didn't have the privilege of knowing Blizzard I'll tell you about him. Beyond being just the cutest cat on the planet he was a real character. He showed love to anyone that was ever around him, he would walk up to complete strangers and give them a rub or a hey I'm too damn cute pet me look.

While most of the time he was laying around or exploring he would also be crazy and chase invisible objects all over running at full speed. While many times it was annoying to have him climbing up everything and chewing and batting at stuff it was quite adorable too. He would completely destroy fuzzy things, he was a little hunter.

He was never a cat that was inactive or lazy or sick. He was quite fit. Perhaps that's why all this is so hard to take. Gone too soon in only 7 months, cats are supposed to have nine lives. Maybe Blizzard didn't have 9 but he used the one he had more than most ever will.

To Blizz I say this, wherever you are, if there's a heaven, if one exists for cats I hope that you're on some cloud enjoying sleeping in awkward positions, leaving gigantic poops, destroy fuzzy things, taking off with paper receipts, and climb up whatever makes you happy.

You took someone that is a self confessed non lover of animals and made them into a best friend. Know that I loved you so much, you brought so much laughter and joy. I know Jason and Jess loved you too so much and pretty much anyone else you ever met.

I'm glad that this past weekend I got to hang out with you and take some cool catnaps on the couch watching football. How I wish I could give you a huge hug again. We love you and miss you so much Blizz.....

Comments for The Blizzard 2/18/10 - 9/15/2010, Loyal Friend gone too soon

gone too soon...
by: Dawnnickuh

Let me say first off that I am so sorry for your loss and offer hug from afar.
I lost my boy a year ago this month and even though it's been a year, it's still not easy to deal with or even think about him with out being brought to tears. I miss everything so much-the way he would wake me up or greet me every single morning and "talk" to me.
All we can do is be thankful for the time we are graced with our furries,no matter what type they may be.
I wish you an easy heart.know that your Blizz is at peace and that I'm quite certain he knew he was loved.

Cats rewrite all the rules
by: Sarah

Cat is, as only Cat can...

by: jmuhjacat

I am so sorry to read this and as I don't know what happened, it's hard to write more, except that I hope you know your beloved Blizz IS safe in the Care of the Creator Who loves him dearly, and that you will be reunited. Thanks to him for introducing you to the unconditional love and loyalty that is uniquely feline. May you rescue another cat or more than one, in tribute to your little friend, and tell others how much love and joy cats bring to life. He would certainly approve.

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