The cat in gloves catches no mice....Ben Franklin

by Katy
(Lone Star State)

Steve agrees!  Do not de-claw

Steve agrees! Do not de-claw

Declawing is not just removing the claw, it is the actual of amputating the whole joint, including bones, ligaments, and tendons. That isn't a "procedure", that is an act of cruelty.

Some will argue that declawing a cat is inhumane and unnatural. That is just one of the many arguments to be made against declawing. Others include that the procedure is painful, it takes away the cat?s primary defense mechanism, and it can cause life-long anxiety. In addition, it prevents the cat from engaging in a natural behavior. Cats instinctively scratch to mark territory. Not only do cats mark objects visibly by clawing them, but the scratching also leaves trace amounts of oils from the cat?s feet that can be smelled by other animals as a way of marking their territory.

...but the #1 reason you should not declaw your cat is because cats are born with claws and they should keep them.

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