Tinkerbell - 15th August 2013 she died

by Mary Phillips

My beautiful tortoiseshell cat Tinkerbell came to us emaciated. She was left to fend for herself by a neighbor who just decided to throw her out. She looked dreadful when we took her in, but she lived with us for 11 years. She flourished with us. She followed us all the time.

She did have a bit of a temper, though! But she was so pretty. Every nigh,t no matter where she was, when I got up to go to bed, she came with me.

Today, she was out sniffing around the front garden, got scared when a car went by, and ran under a van parked outside our garden. Then another van came by, and she must have panicked and ran the wrong way into the oncoming van and was hit.

There wasn't a mark on her. She looked so beautiful. I hope she will bring as much pleasure in cat heaven as she has brought us. Even though I have three other rescued cats from the same neighbor, there is a missing void in our lives.

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by: Jennifer

I lost my peanut on the 2 of July an I still miss him very much I visit his grave several times a day an still cry so believe me when I say I know how you feel I am so sorry for the loss of your loved one I wish I could say it gets easier but it has not for me yet just know that you will see your baby again one day an that you were loved very much by Tinkerbell

Michele aka Crimson's Mommy
by: Mary

Thank you so much for your kind comments. I am sorry to hear of your loss too. People have been so kind to me but people who aren't animal lovers don't seem to understand the loss.
As it is early days yet I see her everywhere hopefully in time this will get better. I know like yourself Michele you will never forget your cat. Have you got any other cats.I hope in time your pain will ease as I hope mine will.

re: Tinkerbell
by: Michele aka Crimson's mommy

Dearest grieving family,
My heart goes out to you... the 16th was the 9th month of aching since i lost my son... i carry his heart in mine.
I am however so happy that you could give Tinkerbell 11 years of love and kindness... bless you and yours for your precious hearts. My thoughts are with you...

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