Toilet Training

by Cynthia

Oh , Those Infernal Paparazzi..!

Oh , Those Infernal Paparazzi..!

Edgar, my 7 month old black fluffy bum, "as you will see in the pic" just refuses to go to the toilet outside,and often will not use his tray either.

Rather, Edgar prefers to pee in the laundry sink and poo on the floor next to his tray.

Edgar is not desexed yet, and his tray is kept clean. He will play with the kitty litter, but not do his business in there.

Is there any way to encourage Edgar to go outside, or just use his tray..?

Please can you help?

Yours sincerely
Cynthia & Edgar

Hi, Cynthia

The first thing I have to say is "oh, my goodness, what a wonderful picture"! He is absolutely adorable!

I could give all kinds of advice about what to do when a cat is eliminating inappropriately. Also, you could read many other letters I've received and the advice I have given other readers on this issue.

However, I absolutely believe your entire problem has a good chance of being solved if you just have him neutered. That should be the first and immediate thing you do.

If he continues his inappropriate behavior after that, please write back.

Again, what a face! He could get by with all sorts of bad behavior and it would be very difficult to get angry with him!

Let me know what happens. Thanks for writing.

Dr. Neely