Two cats vomiting

by Belinda
(Sherbrooke, QC, Canada)

I have two cats. One is a tuxedo about 5 years old. His name is Leo. The other is a tabby about 4 years old. His name is Ozzy. Both cats have been vomiting or retching for about a week.

Leo was hiding in the closet for a couple days and is lethargic. He is vomiting what looks like bile (yellow and liquid). He is not eating.

Ozzy is a more active and was vomiting a more solid, light colored substance and/or dark brown liquid. Well, he just vomited an orange liquid as I type. The retching seems quite violent.

My boyfriend says they probably ate something outside (the snow has finally melted here),and is not worried. I AM worried.

Any suggestions?


Dear Belinda,

You are right to be concerned about your cats health.
The cat illness symptoms you described can be caused by a number of things, including cat hairballs, constipation, feline inflammatory bowel disease, kidney disease, diabetes, toxin ingestion, parasites, and intestinal blockages. And, that isn't even a comprehensive list of all of the things that may be causing your cats to vomit!

Especially considering that lethargy and loss of appetite are two additional symptoms, and even though you didn't mention whether Ozzie was eating or not, both cats should be taken to a veterinarian right away. Many of the possible causes for your cats' symptoms could be quite serious if not treated quickly, and especially since this has been going on for a week now for both cats, they need a veterinary exam as soon as possible.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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