Under chin issue

by monica spires
(Winter Haven FL)



My female cat (who is declawed) has a boo boo under her chin. She can't lick it due to where it's located but I have no idea what happened to her. Is it safe to put antibotic on it? or just leave it alone?

Hi, Monica,

Most things under the chin end up being feline acne, but that doesn't look exactly like feline acne. It still could be - looking at a picture is helpful, but not as good as seeing it in person and feeling it.

It can't hurt to put antibiotic ointment on it. I would pat it 2-3 times daily with hydrogen peroxide to clean it, followed by a small dab of the antibiotic ointment and give it a few days. It actually looks most like she scrapped the area on something and if so, it should heal up with no problem.

Feel free to write back.


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