by Kelly

We just got our children two 3 month old kittens yesterday. They were very scared so we kept them in the finished basement so they could get used to us/the house. We forgot however, that last spring our basement flooded and there was a piece of missing drywall. One of the kittens climbed up the wall and got stuck and my husband had to break it out. It was HORRIBLE. The cat ran to a place where there is no way we can get to her. She can definitely get out...we're just scared that she'll stay there. We put food/water/etc near the entrance.

The other kitten is scared too but is upstairs and currently sitting in her familiar carrier with the door open. I guess we're wondering if the kitten missing will be okay and eventually come out. We're also wondering if we should leave the basement open so the other kitten can go down there to be with the other kitten...OMG we have NO idea what to do :( PLEASE HELP!!!

Dear Kelly,

I'm so sorry to hear this happened! First, please do not let the other kitten in the basement, since this could just result in another wall-trapped kitty. To rescue her, here are a few things I can suggest to help.

The food that is placed at the entrance of the wall should be something canned with a strong smell. In addition, you will need to find some way to ensure that the kitten will not re-enter the hole if she comes out for food/water. You may be able to borrow or rent a safe and gentle trap from a local animal shelter and place the food inside it. Another option would be to sit outside the opening and be prepared to catch her when she comes out, or place the food in a cat carrier at an angle where you will be able to quickly shut the door behind her.

Have you considered any other potential exit routes for your kitten? Is there an air duct, vent, or chimney that she may have entered? Is there potential access to the outside? If so, your search for her should include the other areas of the house and/or outside as well.

If she doesn't come out soon, I would worry about her chances of becoming dehydrated. Depending on where you are located, your local animal control or fire department may be willing and able to assist you in getting her out of the wall. You may also try contacting a contractor who can safely remove a section of the wall near where she is located.

When you have rescued her, I recommend taking her to your veterinarian for an exam to make sure she is not injured or dehydrated.


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