Urinary accidents

by Natalie
(South Australia)

My 10-year-old cat, Bubbles, has always had a small disability. He was the runt and therefore has always been a very clingy cat to me but scared of everything else including birds and bugs. I think he was starved of oxygen on the way out as he displays some almost retarded symptoms like being unable to meow, never landing on his feet, etc.

Recently, he's become forgetful of what he's allowed to do and not do. He has hissed at people he knows, when his entire life he never hissed at anyone. He's begun clawing door frames, which he's never done in his life. He's stopped cleaning himself, and the worst is that he's started wetting himself. You can tell it's an accident as he acts embarrassed, but he'll be laying there and then suddenly a pool of urine seeps around him and he just lays in it, upset. He's also having these accidents in his bed. Is this dimensia or something urinary?

From Natalie

Dear Natalie,

Thank you for writing in. It sounds as though it is time to bring your kitty to a veterinarian.

Changes in urinary behavior can indicate a number of things, from urinary tract infections or blockages to metabolic problems. A veterinarian would likely run a urinalysis and do bloodwork to determine any medical underlying cause for urinating outside his box.

There are many pages about urinary health and symptoms, and many other possible conditions on this site. I invite you to read through the site for more information on urinary conditions and behavior, but unfortunately, only a hands-on examination by a veterinarian can accurately determine the cause and necessary treatment for Bubbles.


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