Urinary Problems: Cat Urinary Tract Health

by Louise

photography by AskTheCatDoctor


photography by AskTheCatDoctor



I recently re-homed a two year old cat after he had to leave his home due to a new baby. Although shy, he settled in well and always used his litter tray.

4 months passed and he peed on the sofa and on his own bed. He is now excessively licking his private parts. When he uses his litter tray, he is sitting for quite some time not always doing anything.

He's had his worming drops. Although he had a flea problem when he first arrived, it was sorted within the first few weeks.

Please could you give me some advice or should i take him to see a vet?


Hi, Louise,

It's nice to hear from Scotland. I have always wanted to visit there. My ancestry includes that part of the world. Hopefully, someday I'll be able to vacation there.

Your kitty is exhibiting cat urinary tract infection symptoms. This can be a life-threatening situation. If he is not producing any urine or producing just a few drops, he could have a complete or partial urinary tract obstruction which needs to be treated right away.

Even if he is producing a normal amount of urine each day, he is uncomfortable and needs to see the vet. If he's not obstructed now, he could be at any time. If he has an infection, he needs antibiotics. If he has inflammation, that may need treatment as well.

He should have a urine sample analyzed to determine the pH and type of crystals present. A change of diet may be necessary.

If he were my patient and you called and described to me the symptoms he is exhibiting, I would strongly advise you to bring him right in. Therefore, I would suggest you take him to your vet right away.

Good luck and feel free to write back in the comment section of this question and answer to let me know how he is and ask any further questions if you have any.


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