by Rachel

billy the hairball


billy the hairball

My cat Billy was very sick last week and was throwing up...not just in one spot, it was splattering everywhere... i took him to the vet after 2 days and was told that he was dehydrated. They did xrays and didn't find anything. They did blood tests which all came back normal. so that day they gave him some shots to give him some liquid... well by the next day he still wasn't eating or drinking like they said he should be, so we made an emergency trip back that night..he was so sluggish and droopy... and not eating or drinking, so the vet gave him some more liquid shots under the skin and recommeded i do an IV the next day... I do not have the money for all that. Well now he is finally drinking some on his own, but won't eat or move around much. I'm trying to put some liquid into his water to give him some sugar to help, and giving him some milk,but I'm just so worried. I can't lose him!! Billy just turned 6 years old, please tell me if there is anything i can do to help him more......


Dear Rachel,

I'm sorry. I wish I could reassure you, but Billy's symptoms concern me deeply. He needs to be on fluids daily and further diagnostic tests to find out what is wrong.

If you have great faith in your vet, then that's great. If there are any doubts, get a 2nd opinion from another vet. You are entitled to copies of the bloodwork and to take the x-rays temporarily if you go see someone else.

I can't help you online except to confirm your feelings that it could be very serious and you could lose him if something is not done right away.

Additional tests could include ultrasound, a barium gastrointestinal study, additional bloodwork if they did not run absolutely everything, etc.

Is he a cat that eats things he shouldn't? Could he have ingested a toxin? Does he eat string, rubber bands, sewing thread, anything like that?

Also, all that vomiting and lack of eating could make his potassium level very low and contribute greatly to lethary and lack of appetite. Talk to your vet about his potassium.

Any water and/or milk you can get him to drink is great as long as he keeps it down and doesn't get diarrhea from it. We often find baby food in chicken or turkey flavor is appealing to a cat whose stomach is irritated.

He looks absolutely adorable and I hope he is feeling better already or that you can arrange to have him examined further. Good Luck, I really hope it all works out quickly and simply.


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