Water Bubbling out my Cats Butt for 3 days

by adrienne
(alexandria va)

My cat has clear liquid/no odor bubbling out his butt so he's wet.
He seems ok otherwise-except he has thrown up a couple of times. I have called vets to see if i should bring him in and they said observe and they never heard of the symptom.

We are in VA this week and I don't have a vet here-would rather take him to his nc vet if it can wait.

Should I be worried? Any idea what this could be a sign of?

Hi, Adrienne,

What you are describing is so unusual and difficult to imagine that I'm not sure if I know what you mean and possibly the vets you called also didn't understand.

The only clear fluid that would come from a cat's rear end would be possibly(1) urine, which in a healthy cat would have a yellowish color (2) anal sac secretions, which are almost always light to dark brown, or(3) mucous from the colon which normally would be accompanied by some stool and would be brownish also -- the last two of which should have a fairly obvious odor.

(4) If there is a wound that abscessed and ruptured, that would be whitish and smell terrible.

Also, the word "bubbling" is confusing. Is this on a continuous basis or intermittent? Have you been able to look closely enough to see if it is definitely coming out of the anus or possibly the penis or a wound near the anus or from the 2 little anal sacs on either side of the anus?

Without seeing it or having more information from you, I can't give you more information than that.

You're welcome to write back if you still need answers. Give me as much information as possible or even take a picture if you can.




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