What is Causing My Cat's Hair Loss and Lack of Appetite?

by reete
(Dhaka, Bangladesh)

 My cat is 9 months old. His hair is falling out and he doesn't eat. I saw some places on his body without hair and in that place there are some black spots. When I touch my cat, his hair automatically falls out.

He have no attraction to food now. He sleeps all day; he doesn't play. He is totally distressed.

I am so worried about my cat. Can you tell me what is causing his symptoms? What can I do for his treatment? What will be his food?

Dear Reete,

I am sorry, but I could not begin to help over the internet. What you are describing is a very ill cat and there are too many different things that can make a cat that age ill for me to begin to know what it is. He needs to be examined by a veterinarian who can properly find out what is wrong with him and administer the correct treatment. I hope there is someone there you can take him to before it's too late.


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