What is my cat leaving behind?

by Sandy

At last they are sharing.


At last they are sharing.


I adopted our second cat, Bella, from our humane society about six weeks ago. I have been noticing that when she gets up from where she was laying there are little bits left behind that look like sesame seeds(no she didn't eat a bagel with them, lol). I was wondering what they are and if it's anything to worry about or that my other cat Shadow can be affected by. I am anxious for your reply. I am so glad I found this site. Thanks Sandy

Hi, Sandy,

Sounds like tapeworm segments. Don't worry, they're not contagious to you. However, your kitties certainly don't need them so you need to get tapeworm medication.

Also, the way they get tapeworm is from fleas. Be sure and buy a flea comb if you don't have one and look for fleas every day for awhile. If you need to treat for fleas, my favorite product is Frontline Plus for Cats.

Thank you so much for the very cute picture. They indeed look like they are very happy together. Oh, and what one has, the other one usually gets. The segments themselves aren't contagious, but if the fleas that bit Bella have also bitten Shadow, they could both have tapeworm. I would treat them both and look for fleas on both of them.


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