why Male Cats kills kitten ?

by Pavankumar Todkar


I am suffering from this type of problem. We had one domestic female cat at our home. That cat used to love our home. Before one month's time, she was pregnant. Later, she gave birth to one kitten, but today I found that one unknown male cat foght with our female cat. He tried to kill the kitten and the female cat was trying to save her kitten. But she failed. He injured the female cat and killed the kitten in the early morning.

I am really confused why this happens. It's not the first time for me, but I have seen this type of situation for the past 5 years at my home.

Why does the male cat kill her kittens?

The male cat hurts the Mom because she is defending the kitten(s). The male wants to kill off the kittens because they are not his and he wants the female to go into heat so he can mate with her and she will have HIS kittens.

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