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This dog is Shaq, who greets us on one of our many house calls. Seem strange that this is a picture of a dog? It sure was quite the surprise when we showed up to see his feline sister, Roo, for the first time over a year ago to be greeted by this guy!

Roo, who tops the scales at 15 pounds, shares her home with Shaq, who tops the scales at over 150 pounds! Ten times her weight, and about 15 times her size, he is quite the sight to see. Despite his overwhelming stature, Shaq is your classic gentle giant.

He comes bounding in to the room, happy to see us, and promptly sits on our feet out of love. And then, when it's time to go, Shaq will bite gently on the bottom of my technician's scrub top, trying to keep us in the house and very gently escorting us to the door.

What do you think is a good caption for this picture of this gentle giant? See some of the great ideas given below during our caption contest in September. Or, are you a cat person? What do you think the best caption for the kitty above is?

Congratulations to Mary, Shannon, and MasterTabbyWan, who were chosen as our winners!

Comments for Win Treats from Nutro!

Sep 22, 2012
Cat says...
by: Nick

Where's that dog? I'm prepared for my Jedi master moves to take him down!

Sep 19, 2012
by: mastertabbywan

MOC Tuna I smell Tuna it's want's for dinner

Sep 18, 2012
Kitty Caption
by: Shannon craftandbake @ gmailDOTcom

Silly doggy! He's so easy to play hide and seek with! As long as I don't move, he'll never see me here on the couch.

Sep 18, 2012
Doggy Caption Entry from Shannon
by: Shannon craftandbake @ gmailDOTcom

Thanks for waxing the floors. It makes running up the stairs and sliding across them just that much more fun!

Sep 16, 2012
What Cat?
by: TR

The cat? Delicious! -um, i mean, nope! Haven't seen her!

Sep 15, 2012
I'm so stealth they don't realise I'm a cat. The Fools!
by: Nic

"I'm so stealth they don't realise I'm a cat. The Fools!"

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